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IRIMEX LEONIDAS TSOPOURIDIS PRIVATE COMPANY is an Agency firm, representing Foreign Companies in Greece, in the field of Tools and Hardware. We are Commercial Agents and we undertake the sales promotion of our Foreign Partners, booking purchase orders that executed from our Foreign Partners directly to the name and account of Greek Import companies - our customers. Import companies distribute to hardware shops and technical / construction / industrial companies, covering the entire Greek territory. Our fee for the service we provide to our Foreign Partners is an agreed commission rate on each invoice value and it is covered by them.



Our company established in 1977 by the Commercial Agent Mr. Leonidas Tsopouridis. His hard work and continuing efforts to source new products and establish new partneships were the solid foundations of our company's future development.

At the beginning of our operation, we undertook the representation of some Polish export companies in the filed of cutting tools, measuring instruments and abrasives, promoting their sales in Greece rather successfully. Our collaboration with these Polish companies continues uninterrupted for over 15 years, gaining Market's recognition as a reputable and trust worthy Commercial Agent in Greece.

In the middle of '90s, we faced the biggest challenge in our history when the collapse of socialism in Poland resulted a significant price increase of Polish products, making them no more competitive in Greek Market. It was then imperative to explore business opportunities in other International Markets and these found in the emerging Market of P.R. China. 

At the same time we enhanced our collaboration with European Factories, giving our Customers the opportunity to deal with high quality products and enjoy excellent service from reputable and well established suppliers.

Today, we collaborate with Companies from Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland, China, Taiwan and Japan offering our Greek Customers products with excellent price / quality ratio, gaining their recognition as a valuable Partner. 



Our moto is "We build Partnerships". We are not interested in being just another agent or in occassional business. We are business Partners and our aim is exactly this: To build long-lasting and fruitfull Partnerships between our Foreign Principals and our Greek Customers.

Our target is to continue offering Greek Market products with excellent price / quality ratio and honoring the relationship build during our long history with Foreign Factories and Greek Companies.

As Commercial Agents we research International Markets to track new trends in the field of Tools / Hardware and assist Foreign companies to extend their business or further develope their presence into Greek Market place, offering them our long experince in selecting the most reputable and well established Greek distribution companies, designing with them the most suitable ways to penetrate, increase their sales and establish their brand.

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At the same time, the mutual trust business relationships we developed with our Greek customers allow us to suggest them new products and collaborations, contributing decisively into their own grow in this competitive business enviroment.

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We are members of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( and the Athens Association of Commercial Agens and Brockers (

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