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Our services to Greek Import Companies

"We Build Partnerships" could not find a better application in the field of our relations with the Greek Import Companies – our Customers. Ever since 1977, several Greeks Distributors trust IRIMEX as their valuable partner in their efforts to expand their business and increase their turnover, distributing quality products from trusted foreign manufacturers that we represent.

The main reasons why the Greek Import Companies trust IRIMEX as their partner are:

1. Long and close Collaboration: We have been present into the Greek Market place for over 35 consecutive years. We are here to offer our Customers new products and business proposals with foreign factories that will boost their sales, make the import procedure easier, find solutions to potential problems that concern them, suggest ideas for their more effective presence in the Market. Their own success is ours.

2. Experience in sourcing new products: Having visited dozens of foreign trade fairs and co-operated with several factories in different product sectors, we are at the best place to diagnose whether a product is suitable to recommend it to our customers and if a foreign supplier is able to meet the requirements of the Greek market. The complexity of today's commercial activity leaves no room for amateurism. The risk of buying a product that is not the appropriate one, a troubled import procedure or collaborating with a supplier that ultimately fails to fulfill its obligations to the Customer, is a very important factor that directly affects the function of import companies and cannot be overlooked. Co-operating with an experienced agent, such as IRIMEX, capable of protecting its client's interests, is a real shield.

3. We are the Import Department of the Customer: The co-operation of the import company with IRIMEX, is really a problem-solver. All it has to do is to place the Purchase Order (by any means: telephone, e-mail or our on-site presence at the Customer). After that, we are the ones who undertake the proper execution of its Order:

a) We enter the Purchage Order in our system and inform the client about possible errors or omissions related to the product that actually wish to order, possible changes that have been made to the product features or its price, adapting the ordered quantity to package quantity or to minimum quantity required, the possibility of a lower price by increasing the ordered quantity or of a discount by increasing the total order’s value.

b) We submit the Purchase Order to the Supplier and he submits back the relevant proforma invoice or order confirmation. We check out if the received document complies with the order and the agreed Terms and Conditions and we notify supplier in case of non-compliance.

c) We turn Supplier’s order confirmation into order confirmation in Greek language and we submit it to the Customer. All the Terms and Conditions and product’s descriptions are automatically translated into Greek. Should customer wish to do any change, we notify supplier accordingly.

d) We keep Customer updated for the execution of its Purchase Order, being in contact with both Supplier and Transport Company.

e) We provide Customer quantitative sales statistics per item, so that be aware when and which quantity he should order, minimizing the risk of insufficient stock. We also provide statistics per values, so that Customer is informed about turnover development and take advantage of possible yearly bonus offered by the Supplier.

All above means three important things for the Customer: Saving time and money, avoiding mistakes, simplifying the import procedure and ultimately making the most of our relationship to its benefit.

4. We make selling easier: We publish illustrated price lists in Greek and distribute them to Importers, making it easy to them to choose the proper product. These price lists include the most important products for the Greek market, emphasizing their specific characteristics and their advantages over competing products. We also publish newsletters about new items that Supplier launches. In certain cases we suggest Supplier manufacturing special exhibition display for products, which are distributed to our Customers free of charge.

5. After Sales support: Should any problem arise after receiving the Purchase Order where Supplier is liable, we are able to treat Custoemr's claims effectively. The Commercial Agent (and especially IRIMEX) has advanced negotiating ability with Supplier, which hardly applies to individual import company. Our relationship with the Supplier allows us to solve the majority of the problems immediately, meeting the reasonable requirements of the Customer and restoring his relationship with the Supplier.

6. We keep our commitments: Reliability is very important to us and we do everything to prove it. When we commit to something, we make it happen. Our Customers recognize that we act on their benefit and interests and we honor this relationship.


Our services to Principals

The business environment today is extremely complicated and demanding. The situation becomes even more difficult when it comes to penetrating or achieving sales increase into a foreign country. Globalization has created new standards and requirements in the export trade that is not easy to meet by distance. Immediacy is required in decision making, problem solving and contacting existing and prospective customers in their workplace so that provide direct answers and advice / recommendations to their demands. This is exactly the core of our business:  To respond quickly to the demands and challenges created daily, giving solutions, generating sales and keeping Customers and Suppliers satisfied.

We cover the whole Greek territory and offer our time and resources to promote the sales of represented Supplier. What we ask from our Principals is an exclusive agency agreement so that dedicate ourselves into fulfilling its targets.

The main reasons why a foreign Supplier choose IRIMEX as its representative in Greece are:

1. Deep Market’s knowledge: We know the sector as no other. We are present in the Market of Tools and Hardware for over 35 consecutive years. We visit foreign trade fairs for continuous updating on new products. We collaborate with factories that produce different products and thus we have a comprehensive knowledge of the total Market. We collaborate also with several Greek Import Companies and know which of them are the most appropriate to promote a particular product / brand and how many of them are needed to cover the required Market share and achieve Supplier’s sale targets.

2. Effective in Sales: Greek Market is deeply fragmented. The coverage of the overall market by a single distributor is difficult because of limited resources, underdeveloped network of sales and other special local characteristics. Assigning sales promotion to IRIMEX, the Supplier’s area manager knows that we will recommend its products to the appropriate Importers who have the means and the ability to cover the largest possible part of the Market. We set clear terms of co-operation, avoiding this way potential conflict of interest.

3. We are the Supplier’s local office in Greece: The Supplier doesn’t need to establish himself a local office in Greece and provide his own resources for recruiting and training of sales personnel and in general, resources for generating sales. This means saving money and time. The agent’s commission is a fixed percentage on each invoice value and this means that there are no unforeseen expenses that may force Supplier to change or adapt its pricing policy all the time. The common costs for sales promotion are covered by IRIMEX.

4. We make export – import procedure easier: We are one of the very few commercial agents in Greece that have developed custom-made software for our communication needs.

IRIMEX – Supplier communication: When Supplier receives an order from IRIMEX, all agreed Terms and Conditions are clearly indicated on the order sheet with all the necessary details. Our software provides possibility for quantity discounts per item, multiple discounts per item, value discounts, codification of "private label" product, special net or gross prices per product and / or per Customer, detailed product description and other features that simplify the work that Supplier has to do for issuing Proforma Invoice or Order Confirmation. This means avoiding mistakes, saving time and money.

IRIMEX – Customer communication: When IRIMEX receives a Proforma Invoice or Order Confirmation from the Supplier, we issue and submit to the Customer a related document with all Terms, Conditions and products’ description automatically translated into Greek language. Our document is actually the Supplier’s documents translated into Greek. This way, Customer receives a document written on his mother language, making easier the reviewing of it and minimizing the risk of mistakes. 

Our software is also capable of generating sales reports (value and quantitative) per product, product category, period of time, Customer, in both English and Greek, thus providing a valuable tool for the estimation of sales trends and assisting Importers in scheduling their purchase orders.  

5. Emphasis in Marketing: We are focused on sales promotion and to achieve this, we publish illustrated price lists in Greek which are usually a summary of the Supplier’s general catalog and include the most important products for the Greek Market. These price lists provide information on the main product’s features and advantages over other competing products, making it a valuable marketing tool for the importer. The editing and printing is done at IRIMEX’s expenses.

In addition, where necessary, we research the Market for the proper display producer for the delivery of such displays to the Import Company. Displays are produced at Supplier’s cost and distributed to the sales points by Import Company, free of charge.

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